Saturday, 7 April 2012

The day it was "that time of year," or why life is awesome and I love you all.

I apologize for being MIA for the past month. I would say, "It's that time of year," but isn't that always the excuse academics give for, well, everything? And I mean, seriously, what exactly is "that time of year"? Yes, March was hectic, it always is--courses are really in full swing, there are presentations and response papers to do, term paper proposals to do, major research project proposals to hand in, marking to do, etc., etc., etc. But April is bad too--marking to finish up and term papers to write. And then there's a conference in May, and research to do for my MRP, and then there's my MRP to write and I'm moving in June (a two bedroom!! My computer won't have to be in the living room! And we get a washing machine!! And a deck!!) and I want to spend some time at the cottage and visit friends and maybe go to Halifax in August and then I start coursework for my PhD in September (I got in!! Yay!)... And September's always hectic, because there's so much to organize and you have to settle in, and then October is busy because you're getting into the swing of things and things start to be due and if you're applying for OGS and SSHRC your applications are due and you probably have your first batch of marking and November is just like March and December is like April and January comes much too soon and it's kind of like September except Christmas break was way too short and way too busy with family and friends and in February you are so ready for a break but reading week is way too short and there's marking to be done it goes.

So yeah. It's that time of year! It's always that time of year. So no excuses. I just had other things I was doing and this fell to the side. But that's okay. I'm tired of complaining about how busy things are at "this time of year" or in "this day and age"--yes, it's true, life is stressful and there is tons going on and we never get a break because we're always plugged in and there's no jobs so we have to stay plugged in or fall behind. But I find it hard to believe that this is the first time in the history of the world that people have been stressed and things haven't been absolutely relaxed and perfect and easy. So I've decided to refuse to embrace the negativity. Too many of my conversations with my friends and colleagues end up being about how busy and stressed and sleep-deprived we are--never about how excited we are about something, or about anything positive or fun. We're breeding anxiety and negativity and it's bumming me out!

But you know what? I think things are going pretty fucking wonderfully. I'm in the process of building a life right now, and I'm pretty pleased with the way things are turning out. I've built a home with Jimmifer, a man I love very, very much (mostly because he lets me call him Jimmifer), and we're upgrading to a home where I hopefully will not get attacked by the soap dish, and we live close enough to our families that we get to see them on a regular basis, which is important to me. I have wonderful old friends that I still keep in touch with, and I've made wonderful new friends this year and I'm excited to spend the summer hanging out with them. I'm almost finished my master's coursework, and I feel like I've developed a strong theoretical foundation, which makes me confident that I can pull off this whole PhD thing. I'm finishing up TAing for the first time, and as much as marking is painful, it is awesome to see how much my students have grown over the year. And my students were just absolutely lovely, and I got wonderful feedback from them, and it feels SO GOOD. I get to spend my summer writing about queer theory and boy bands, which is awesome, and it turns out that apparently boy bands are making a comeback, so hopefully someone will find my work relevant and I can get published. I'm going to my first conference in May. I'm staring my DOCTORATE, which is pretty much all I've ever dreamed of since I started my undergrad. And I'm going to get a kitty at the end of the summer, which is pretty much all I've ever dreamed of since I was four. So yeah. Life is fucking AWESOME.

Like this awesome. For realz.

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